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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lickety Lips

How do you stop a child from licking their lips, particularly after they've made them chaffed by licking them?  As you can see from all these photos, Laars is having an issue with his lips.  In every photo he's got his finger on the sore, and throughout the day he keeps licking it.  He rubs it with his sleeves and makes the chaffing worse, and some days it spreads above his upper lip, almost looking sometimes as if he's getting a fever blister its so bright red and puffy.

As the other children have all seemed to go through this, I know that 'This too shall pass' but I find it frustrating, especially when he licks and rubs until it bleeds, and then it cracks when he shows his pearly whites.

Any great suggestions out there?  I put emu oil on it this morning and then played some singing and hand-games with him to allow time for it to absorb in before he rubbed it all off with his sleeve.  Argh!

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