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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eating Raw Food Diet to Overcome Diabetes

We watched the Simply Raw DVD about reversing diabetes in 30 days, and were encouraged again to improve our family's eating habits to improve our health.  Although we don't suffer from any known diabetes in our immediate family, we do have members in our extended family that are considered borderline diabetics.  And I've heard that there are many people who are diabetic but just haven't been tested for it as of yet.  It is undiagnosed.

Well, I am confident that no one in my family will become diabetic as we pay attention to the way that we eat.  And being armed with information such as is revealed in the Simply Raw DVD, I know that we can keep our diets healthy to avoid many common diseases.

If you haven't seen this DVD yet, I encourage you to especially for those already diagnosed with diabetes.  The stories in this DVD are absolutely amazing.  It follows 6 people over a course of 30 days who go to a health centre where they stay during that period of time, and they are each carefully monitored (along with their medications) and physically evaluated.  They each are able to drastically cut-back or totally eliminate the insulin and other pharmaceuticals they were taking previously, and watch unwanted pounds of fat melt off of their bodies.  It is a difficult adjustment to change their eating habits to whole and raw foods, but what changes it brings to more than just their diabetes!

Watch it!   Simply Raw is worth the investment to improve the lives of those you love.

Question for You:  If you had a disease like diabetes, would you truly be willing to drastically change your eating habits to try and reverse it?  Or would you rather continue living the way you are and just add medications to your daily routine?

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