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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cold and Flu Season

It's still here, in the northern hemisphere.  And I unfortunately got a nasty cold.  I know it was due to a few lifestyle factors that weren't in place this past week as I was away from home for a whole week, not doing what I normally am doing.  The things that changed this week for me were:

*not having fresh juices every morning
*flying across 4 time-zones
*return flight was a red-eye in which I got hardly any sleep that whole trip
*drank Brita-filtered city water rather than fresh well water
*didn't sleep with my grounding sheet
*ate more cooked foods (and even meats) than I normally do

I think the change in my sleep was the number one factor for getting this cold, and then there was emotional stress I was under.  It wasn't just one thing, but a combination of things that set me up for the virus getting a hold.  It's just the way it was.  But in this video by Dr Mercola he will give suggestions for both lifestyle to avoid sickness, and supplements to overcome. 

Now that I've been home and able to attack this nasty cold, I am feeling much better today.  I made sure to get lots of rest by going to bed early and staying in bed longer than normal, drinking lots of clean water, fresh juices (including celery which is great for colds/flu), all raw foods, doing a high-enema, and not eating after 2pm yesterday (which sets me up for a better sleep because I'm not working at digestion while sleeping).  I also used oil of oregano on my throat and massaged it into the soles of my feet, and took licorice root tincture for upper respiratory congestion.  Today I feel more like myself.  For me this cold was short lived.  It started to show itself on Sunday (which was aggravated by the red-eye flight that night), then Monday it really developed, and Tuesday I felt nasty.  Wednesday I still felt awful but I worked diligently at taking care of myself, and today I feel virtually recovered.

Question for You:  What is the #1 thing you do to try and avoid illness?

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