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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Some historians credit the Babylonians with creating the original honeymoon--their newlyweds drank mead, a honey-based alcohol, for one full month after marrying. Others believe the honeymoon comes to us from the Norse hjunottsmanathr, wherein a young man kidnapped his bride-to-be and held her captive for one month.

The honeymoon is meant to be time set aside right at the beginning of a marriage to focus on each other without the responsibilities of daily life.  In Bible days the men were to take a full year off of all responsibilities, including not going to war, so they could focus on and adjust to married life.

Most of us don't have the ability to take a year off of work.  Finances and our tie to work may not allow more than a weekend or a week to take a honeymoon.  It might not be feasible to do immediately after the wedding but have to wait for another season.  Whatever it looks like to you, you can make it worth.  Making each other a priority is an important step in starting off a marriage.

A honeymoon could be as simple as going to your own apartment or house, locking the door and closing the shades and using the answering machine as your servant.  You could liven it up with special foods prepared so you don't have to do the cooking and neither do you have to go into town to eat and be 'caught' by friends and family who thought you had gone away somewhere instead.  You could prepare your own spa treatments to indulge in or pamper on each other.  Let your imagination go.

If money can allow and you are able to free yourself for an extended time away from work, you can do extensive traveling, backpacking Asia, hiking the back-country or across the UK, cycling Europe, taking in the Holy Land, paddling thru the Grand Canyon.  Make it fun, or make it romantic.  Make it Yours.

And if you are taking an extended honeymoon, don't overlook getting involved in some form of volunteering.  It could be helping to get clean water for a village in India, or helping distribute blankets.  Your honeymoon may be a time of focusing on yourselves as a couple, but volunteering and helping others out can be a great way to work alongside your spouse and see their big heart.  It isn't all about us.  We are blessed by blessing others. 

Conservation and eco-tourism might be top of your list to consider when planning your honeymoon.  Check out sites like &Beyond Africa.

Destination weddings lend themselves very much to themed weddings, and easily would include a honeymoon since you are already at a destination you'd like to spend more time at, such as
Caribbean Destination Weddings

Another unique honeymoon might be taking lessons that you don't normally have time to do.  Like learning culinary skills, or take sailing lessons

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Question for You:  What would your dream honeymoon look like?

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