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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Centrality of the Home

Oh my!!

Here is a hot audio by Voddie Bauchum.  You might not like it.  But there is truth here.  It might 'hurt' if you are involved with or run a Youth Group at your church.  It might hurt if you have stopped with having 2 children, or maybe 3.  Voddie hits hard, but this is a message that needs to be heard. 

This audio is the foundation of Voddie's book Family Driven Faith.  It's about how we are to Evangelize and Disciple the Next Generation.  How are we doing it?  Well, statistically the church has failed.  At this rate there will be just a handful of Christians in a few more generations here in America.

Question for You:  How do you think it is best to pass on your values to the next generation?

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