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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Familiar Places


I grew up under these western clouds, surrounded on the north by the coastal mountains, the valley on the east, and the ocean both south and west of me.  The city air mixed with ocean breezes is common to me.  I know the streets around here, but there's new intersections with lights, and sometimes I want to STOP where there used to be a 4-way sign.  This is where I graduated from a high school that saw its death and destruction years ago.  Where I skipped classes to cruise the beach.  This is where I lived when I met my lover.   Where we steamed up the car windows with our first kiss.  Where we walked in drizzle and in sunshine along the pier, and ate our fish 'n chips too close to the pesky seagulls for my comfort. This is where we were wed one Friday night nearly 24 years ago, and later we publicly dedicated ourselves to raising our baby to know and Love her Heavenly Father.

I've got alot of memories here.  It's a familiar town.

(see next post for The Unfamiliar)

Question for You:  Where is one of your favorite familiar places?

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