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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Ceremony & Symbolism

Most people enjoy a good party, but your wedding is more than a party.  Most of your guests come to hear you exchange your vows with one another, recognizing that this is the most important part of your day.  Other areas of the service need attention, but be sure to really take care about what you exchange in your vows.  Don't make a pie crust promise.  Marriage is not a contract or promise.  It is meant to be a covenant.

Below are plenty of links about elements to include in the service and the symbolism which is often threaded throughout the entire wedding day, from a white wedding gown (red for other nationalities), unity candles, the kiss at the altar.  These may or may not be important issues with you.  You may find you want to include them simply because they look like they may bring an element of fun, such as the groom breaking the glass, but when you look at the symbolism it has a deeper meaning in history that you may or may not want to include in your day.  Or the symbolism might be steeped in a belief that totally goes against your spiritual beliefs and therefore you will want to avoid it, although it might be common in ceremonies these days.  I suggest you be wise about symbolism, and do some homework.  Just because it is 'common' does not mean you want to include it in your special day.

Vows are commonly rewritten.  You can include your personal touch by altering traditional vows or go ahead and rewrite them all together.  Make them yours.
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