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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Vinegar and Honey and Oil Got to Do With It?

As part of a recent WISH (Women's International Summit for Health) I heard Janice Cox
sharing about all the wonderful spa treatment ingredients most of us have sitting in our pantry and in the fridge.  Not only are these homemade 'products' cheaper than store-bought, they are less toxic for you, & for the environment (what's going down the drain or packaging to the landfill).

I've started incorporating some of Janice's ideas in the past couple weeks and am happy with the results.  Three of them in particular that I wanted to share.  My favorites.

Several of us were starting to get dry skin on the backs of our hands.  But now that I've placed containers with olive oil at each of the sinks in the house we just apply a few drops of oil after each hand-washing, rub it in well not only into the skin but also into the nails.  We all have revived skin.  Any excess we rub into our cheeks and neck.  Voila!  We feel silky.

Janice said that nails become brittle because they lose moisture.  So right after washing them, lock that moisture in with a coating of (organic, preferrably) oil.  Purchasing it from the grocery store will save you money.  Try coconut, olive, almond, etc.  An obvious note: make sure you don't use what you might internally and/or externally be allergic to.

Another skin idea is focused on the feet.  This is a 'luxury' I particularly enjoy.
Fill a sink or small tub with warm water.  Pour in some vinegar (white, apple-cider, even old wine).  The acidity will soften your soles.  Rub vigorously or use a scrubber to remove hardened spots.  Then after drying your feet remember to seal in the moisture with your favorite oil & pay attention to massaging oil into your toenails.  It's good to put organic cotton or wool socks on to keep your floors clean from oily footmarks, or if you don't mind wearing socks to bed it will keep your sheets cleaner.

I remember hearing Bernardo LaPallo sharing in a video about his father telling him as a young boy that if he took care of his feet, they would take care of him throughout his life.  He has been massaging them every night ever since with olive oil.  This man iss 108+yrs old and looks absolutely fantastic!  

Our hair is something that often gets overworked.  A great way to freshen it & clean the build-up out of it is to at least once a month put 1 tsp of baking soda in a cup of water & after you shampoo your hair, (or even add to your shampoo) scrub this into your scalp.  If you don't like to use shampoo, you can go the 'No-poo' route that many do.  Just google for options.  I personally haven't used anything on my hair/scalp for cleaning since, golly, must be last summer/early fall?  And no, its not greasy.  I just scrub warm water over it.  That's it.  Free and easy.

But here's my third Favorite idea (the baking soda idea was an extra!).
I now use liquid honey for hair conditioner.  It might sound sticky but it washes out easily, and I love the feel of my hair.  It's a great moisturizer for all hair types.  Leave on for 15-30 mins before rinsing.

If you are super sensitive to different pollens, you might want to  be careful of the plant source for the honey.  Currently ours is from a blueberry farm, and we love to eat it, soak in it (right in the bath water) and moisturize with it.  Oh, but if it gets in the eyes, it can sting.  May be short lived, but it sure stung my eyes.

Honey is so healthy from head to toe.

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