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Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Road Again

Our eldest daughter is getting married the end of June, and we are still on the other side of the country.  So, we've decided to Hit the Road Again.  And it's coming quicker than we had actually anticipated. 

Checking out the calendar yesterday, and checking out workday 'holidays' and such, we've decided to roll out in just 2.5 weeks.  So, the adrenalin kicks in, I get to uncluttering (more), going thru the children's clothes (changing seasonal wear and eliminating non-essentials), parting with books again (boo-hoo), recycling/giving away, eating what's stored in the freezer, all those sort of We're Moving! but we don't know where we are actually going.  We just are leaving here.

It's always exciting.  The Unknown is always a bit of a rush.  Nerve-wracking sometimes.  Patience-sucking.  But always exciting.  I just have to remind myself that the children might not always be as excited as I am!

There's still work to be done on my sister's house before we leave.  Special-collection garbage pick-up starts today, so there's things to get out to the curbside.  And still meals to make, driving route's to pick, itinery to plan, books to read and cuddles to have. 

Okay, I'm a bit hyper.  I drank some green-tea about 4 pm yesterday, and didn't realize that along with deciding we'd hit the road soon that I wouldn't get a wink of sleep.  I don't usually drink green-tea, and you can bet I won't be doing that again!  Lesson learned.

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  1. I am so sad that you are leaving. I can't believe it's soooooo soon! I feel I haven't spent enough time with you all....and time is running out. Love and Hugs.....