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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dipped in Chocolate

Our family really enjoys chocolate, but I am not convinced that cacao is a superfood.  Within the raw food community, there is division over cacao.  We haven't eliminated it from our diet, yet, but we don't consume it like we used to.  I am saying that these 'treats' are not staples at all.  These are occasional treats.  We still enjoy them, but I can see 'One Day' we might not consume them at all.
I remember back to the days when I thought I couldn't live the rest of my life without Coke.  Especially with pizza.  But I can honestly say, I don't crave it any longer.  We chose to part with cola's about 5 years ago, and although I've had an occasional one since then, it is virtually no longer a part of our lifestyle, and I don't miss it one iota.  

So, I can see a day when cacao/chocolate is no longer a part of our life, too.
For now, its an occasional visitor.  I can live with that.  For now.

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