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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, it doesn't look like we will be On The Road on Friday as we had originally planned.  We'll keep you informed.  It might be Monday, or in a few weeks.  We are presently trying to work some glitches out, and trying to stay calm.  It will all work out good, I know.  We are practicing patience, and love, and graciousness.

Moving can be a trying event, but it is during these times that we have many, many, many opportunities presented to us in which we can practice Love.  I can see that many of our children feel a bit stressed; an uncertainty because we don't know all the details, and yet there is a feeling of excitement at the same time.  It is a good opportunity for them to also practice Love, and not letting their emotions rule their behavior.

And about being 'uncertain'.......

I'm of the persuasion that in our culture we put our faith in job-security,or in owning a house, or even in our collection of possessions.  But there is absolutely no security in any of that.  There is only security in the Love of God.  That is the only permanent relationship we can be truly secure in.

I trust that our children find their security in Him Who Breathes Life Into Them.  Who Sustains Their Lives.  Who Loves Them with an Everlasting Love.  That's where Security is.  Only in God.

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