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Friday, April 2, 2010


BETTER. Have you heard that craving sugar means you lack sweetness in
your life? Cravings can often be distractions from what we really want in
our lives. Think about what happens when you eat the food you are
craving. When you eat sugar, do you feel warmth, peace or euphoria?
Where are you missing those emotions in your life? What could you be
doing that would allow you to experience them without food?"

"CREATE A PATTERN INTERRUPT. As you go through the process of
eliminating cravings, you may recognize a pattern. A pattern interrupt is
putting something between you and what you are craving so that instead
of having the craving and then taking action by eating what you are
craving, you do something to interrupt the act of eating.....
There are many options for pattern interrupts: repeat a mantra, do a
meditation, go for a walk, call a friend or even the practice of asking
yourself questions. A good question is, “Is there something better that I
can reach for now?”
Just the simple act of asking yourself this question can help you change
your habits. You can train yourself to reach for better things. When you
go to the refrigerator at night and you’re looking for something sweet
and you ask yourself, “Is there something better that I can reach for?” You
might end up having a salad. You can literally save yourself from the
clutches of some sort of awful addiction that feels like it’s controlling you
— because you are empowering yourself to move beyond it and
create new habits." 

Kevin Gianni in 'High Raw'

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