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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Consider Sunglasses

Days are getting longer, and for some of you they are already much brighter.  You are probably finding you wear your sunglasses more and more.  Or maybe you wear them all year long because of the snow-glare.  Or you live where it is habitually sunny (I want to come live with you, then.).  Here's something interesting about sunglasses.......

"I once read that wearing sunglasses outside actually enhances a person's chance of getting sunburned.  Sunglasses block the sun's rays from reaching the optic nerve, tricking it into thinking that it is dark outside.  This causes the body to produce less of a protective skin coating, increasing the risk for sunburn and even skin cancer.  After reading about this, I decided to try it:  I have now stopped wearing sunglasses, and now I never get sunburned, and I don't need sunscreen (though I'm very careful not to overdo sun exposure).  The human body is designed so incredibly that it works with all the elements of nature, especially the daylight and darkness."

                                                           Paul Nison in 'The Daylight Diet'

Have you ever really thought about the health implications of wearing sunglasses?  Have you found that the more you wear your sun glasses, the more you rely on them?  You squint at the slightest brightness?

Have you considered what messages you are sending throughout your body when its daylight out but your optic nerve is interpreting that its not high-noon because you are wearing dark glasses?

Believe me, I don't have the answers.  But I'm thinking about these things, because I believe that the vast majority of these fake things we incorporate into our lifestyles (sunglasses, shoes, cell phones, etc) are more detrimental to us than beneficial.

I'm not suggesting that we throw them all away and walk around naked.  But really, do we seriously consider what these things bring into our lives, individually and accumulatively?

Question for You:  Are you reliant on sunglasses?  Have you ever considered a correlation between wearing sunglasses with sunburns and/or digestion?

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