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Monday, April 5, 2010


After a day of driving, call us cop-outs, or whatever.  We just drove thru town, along the St. Johns River which is in flood, got a hotel room up the hill, and spent time at (argh!) Chapters.  Told you, we are book lovers.

We've been to Fredericton before, and although we haven't had much time to walk around and take in the sights, we like this town nicely situated along the river.  We've seen the Changing of the Guards which was a thrill for the children last year, but we aren't in tourist season, and today is still a holiday and most things were closed.  But not Chapters.  So we took a nice walk over there, and now its a quiet evening before our last full days drive home with the beast.

So, here's some pics to prove We Are Here!

Just another Old House!  Beautiful!!(Natasha informs me this is an Art Gallery.....I wasn't aware as we were driving our beasts pasts.  This neighbourhood along the river is full of heritage-type homes and perfect setting for B & B's.)


  1. "Just another beautiful old house" is actually an art Gallery! I visited this place in March when I was there to see my sister! Fredericton is a very beautiful place!

  2. Wow. It looks wet. Almost like every other time we went through. How I wish I could go to Chapters.

  3. Thanks for letting me know! We drove past and it caught my eye, but I didn't see a sign. We were actually looking for a hotel while driving the beasts thru town. But there were so many wonderful old houses down there. I'd love to stay at a BnB around there.