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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Morning in Montreal

Honestly, after our awesome evening in romantic Quebec City, Montreal seemed like such a let down.  It was reminiscent to me of Vancouver, with an obvious French twist.  But it wasn't quaint like Quebec at all.

We've been thru the city almost a handful of times now, but this morning Everette and I hit the downtown & Old Town streets by 9am, early enough on a Saturday to park our beast.  We strolled around, following the Walking Route described in the Canada Lonely Planet book.  And here is some of what we saw:

The city's oldest building, the Seminary, Notre Dame

I think I have 'a thing' for clocks.

A flower, too big to hold in my mouth.

We are now in Ottawa for the night, and will tour the Parliament Buildings in the morning, hopefully.
See you later.


  1. Montreal looks interesting too....or are you just sharing the best of a few places?

  2. Montreal probably has great places to go, and a different life of its own. Maybe we would have liked it more if we went there first? But after a few drives thru and around, it comes across to me as a big dirty, factory city. Old town wasn't quaint like old town Quebec.

    Of course, all of it is just my opinion ;)

  3. Thanks for posting more pictures. I still want to check out Montreal one day...but maybe I'll take your advice and do it first before moving on to Quebec City and Ottawa.