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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FREE 'Get Paid To Shop'

We are getting ready to move so we are clearing out extra manuals, and that means you have the opportunity to get your own printed manual of


If you are looking for some extra cash, or a way to help fund your shopping habit,
or you just like to live a bit of an adventure on a regular basis,
you might find that Get Paid to Shop is right for you.

You have opportunity to get free meals, hotel stays,
tickets to movies & amusement parks,
free clothes, CD's & items for your house.
Even free groceries!

Competition between retail stores is always at a high,
and definitely during financially difficult times when consumers
tighten their own belts.

You've probably heard about Mystery Shopping before,
but like me you didn't realize what it actually entailed.

Now find out for yourself.

I'm offering to give away printed manuals
 (not e-books) for FREE.

We usually sell these manuals for $79 each plus s/h
but to lighten our load we are willing to give them to you for FREE
as long as you pay $10 per manual for shipping & handling.

If you've ever wondered what it's all about you can't find a better time than now.

It tells you all about Mystery Shopping:

How to Get Started
How to do Your First Assignment
Insider Tips
Things to be Cautious About
Shopping Trends
Working with Multiple Mystery Shopping Companies
Opportunities for Teens
Certification~ Do I Need It?
Direct Links to Over 100 Reputable Companies
Assignment Logs & Sample Reports
and more.

It's over 110 pages of information & contacts.

Do it part- or full-time.

Mystery Shopping can fit into basically anybody's schedule.

Some assignments
 are great for family outings,
or a romantic night out with a partner.

You are in control, picking the assignments that appeal to you
and fit into your lifestyle.

Assignments are available across North America and Europe.

Hundreds of companies to work for. 

You can shop locally, or there are even web shopping assignments to pick up. 
So much variety.

The manual itself is FREE .

You just pay $10 shipping & handling for each manual you order.
That's it.

 For more information email me at

This manual tells you how to work professionally & proficiently. 

 And if you are really ambitious it tells you how
 to set up your own business so that you can manage shoppers yourself.

This is a very fun and exciting way to bring extra cash your way,
or make it a career.

Make boredom a thing of the past. 

Every new assignment you take is a new adventure.
So, if you want your FREE manual,
just email me at
and we can arrange for your payment of
$10 for shipping & handling per manual
and I'll mail the manual(s) out to you.

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