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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vitamin K for Newborns

Our first children underwent alot of the standard medical practices that are prevalent today, because we were ignorant parents.  We did what was considered normal, standard, what-everybody-else-is-doing.  But over the years we've had to research, and arm ourselves with information, and get in touch with our own parental intuition.

There are tonnes of things being promoted out there in our culture that are considered needed to protect us from the hazards of being human and alive!  Most of those things, like vaccines, aspirin, etc are actually toxins that are robbing us of our rightful health.  Even our Standard American Diet (SAD) is killing us, everytime we open our mouth and fill it.

Being parents is certainly a time when we may start taking notice of some of the things society does, starting to question "Why do we do this?"  "Is this really necessary?"  But often we are asking these questions of people who are totally indoctrinated and kept in business by these actual practices.  I wouldn't consider these to be unbiased sources of information!

When I saw this article by Mercola about Vitamin K I was extremely interested, because after rejecting alot of the typical/standard tests and procedures for pregnancy and delivery for myself and many of our children, the issue over Vitamin K was one I still was uncomfortable with.  It was something that 8 of our 9 live birth children received, but one I was never confident that it was right for them.  It was only our last live birth that Everette and I agreed not to have our son pricked.

If you look into food sources (see some info below) and are sure to incorporate large amounts of these green foods during pregnancy, you should be able to raise your Vitamin K level, and provide enough for baby both before and after birth (assuming you breastfeed). 

After doing much research about diet and health, there are many things we have chosen to not do to our children, such as vaccinate.  Like Dr. Mercola says, "But remember you HAVE to be proactive. It isn't just about not doing something.  In alot of cases, its actually about choosing to do something different.  Proactively. If you aren't going to inject your newborn with Vitamin K, you need to be informed to make sure your baby is still receiving enough of the Vitamin thru other means.

Food Sources of Vitamin K & here
Vitamin K & Alfalfa

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