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Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade Homeopathy

Our friend from Austria was by for a visit recently, and was telling us about how he and his wife made their own homeopathy for the past 30+ years, for their children and now for their grandchildren.

Using either the sick person's saliva or urine, they would dilute it with clean water 1:10.
The easiest way is to put a small amount of the saliva or urine in a measurable syringe or cup used to dispense medicine.  Then add 10 parts water to that.  Shake vigorously 40 times.  Keep 1/10th of that.  Dilute with another 10 parts of water.  Shake vigorously 40 times.  Again, keep 1/10th of it and for the last time dilute with 10 parts of water.  Shake vigorously as before.

Now measure out 1/10th for the donor to ingest.  This can be administered immediately, with the remainder being refrigerated.

If symptoms don't start to improve within a few hours, administer another dosage.

If symptoms start to improve, no other dosage is necessary.  The body has started its recovery.

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