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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Affair in the Kitchen

Little hands helping me make Fermented Vegetables.  Now that more of the family are liking the veggies, we are now doing them up with the food processor and putting them in these big ice cream buckets (we got our blueberry honey in them).  I'm thinking I'll do a fresh batch up just before we hit the road again so we can have cultured veggies when we stop for lunch.

Some of the children eat them with some balsamic vinegar sprinkled on them.  I hear that olive oil is good, too, or stevia for those who find them too tart.

Other family members not in the photos who helped make these were Everette & myself.  The little hands cutting broccoli were Anders'.


  1. What do you soak them in? What types of veggies? Love all your posts btw?

  2. I just finished putting up cabbage, celery, onion & ginger just a few minutes ago.

    The solution is 1 TBsp non-iodized salt to 2 cups water, until the veggies are covered. Check out and/or

    We always do a variety of veggies; whatever is in the fridge and needs to be dealt with soon! I really like carrots in there. I sometimes add garlic. Have done kale, leeks, cucs, etc. Almost anything will work. But each batch needs at least a good amount of cabbage or cucs (scoop out the seeds & gel down the centre of the cucs, and discard).