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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning

"It's time to clean out the sludge in my body, my life and my house, not to mention the excess that I have accumulated everywhere around me. I don't want to live in fear of sickness, or anything else!! Fear is a negative motivator and I want to live in the positive, vibrate at a higher level. To do so, I have to free myself of those excesses. It's time to live simply within my means, so that I am not a slave or serf to any man, bank, government, health care system or even a slave to my poorly trained taste buds."  ~ Chris, a member of Raw Food Rehab

Spring Cleaning isn't just about washing down walls & cobwebs, and cleaning windows.  It's the perfect time to seriously consider decluttering inside and outside, your body and your environment.

After a long Canadian winter (and a colder-than-norm winter south of us) of being mostly shut inside, gravitating towards heavier and warmer foods, you might be feeling a wee bit sluggish in body and soul.  It's a great time to consider doing an herbal cleanse, some type of detox like a juice feast, or a particular cleanse from Penni Shelton's "Raw Food Cleanse". 

If you are interested in the raw foods or living foods lifestyle, you can check out the community at Raw Food Rehab, a great place for encouragement, recipes, information about exercise/enemas & colonics/weightloss, etc.

Another aspect of Spring Cleaning you might consider, is moving the synthetic fabrics out of your house while decluttering, and slowly replacing them with linen/flax and wool, or at the very least organic & unbleached organics.  The linen and wool are healing fabrics, adding health to your body and environment through their exceptionally high vibrations.  You can check out my other posts here and here.

Get a Spring in your step, a sparkle in your eyes, and a clear path through your house by decluttering.  Simplify life.  You'll feel clean inside and out. 


  1. Can I make a suggestion in love? You have great content here and a beautiful blog but it is sooo hard to read. two issues: bad font for post and orange background. Can you change these?

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  2. So Robin, I gave up my favorite Lucinda font at your suggestion. I would agree its easier to read this way, although I like the handwriting touch ;) Anyways, thanks for the comment. Haven't given up the colored srapbooking page look yet. Will think about it. And thanks for the link.