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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Tale of Squashes

Danaka made a post here about our successful Zucchini 'Spaghetti' with Marinara Sauce, including the recipe. It was a huge hit this week. I wouldn't claim it to be like a meat sauce, but it was certainly satisfying, and likely would be good with ground mushrooms, especially portabello's.

This week we also tried making 'sgetti' out of butternut squash with a spiralizer, but it was a No-Go with my family. NONE of us liked it.

I ended up using some of the left-over noodles to make a raw 'Pumpkin' pie for supper to try and salvage the raw foods day, and it was gone by end of supper, so that obviously worked! And today I put the rest of the noodles in a casserole dish along with sliced yellow onions, olive oil left-over from sun-dried tomatoes, and salt & pepper and baked the squash for lunch. Yummy. Another hit.

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