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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raw Youth

"Why do we become younger with a Raw Lifestyle?
The answer is simple:
We eat less food.
It’s true. Profoundly and simply – the key to becoming younger is eating
less food. The body jumps at any chance to heal itself and become
younger. Eating less food gives our body the ideal opportunity it’s been
waiting for! Compared to cooked and/or processed food, Raw Food is
“less food” in two ways: Less Quantity and Better Quality."

Matt Monarch in "Raw Success"

This goes along with much of what Everette and I have heard and read about recently.  We are not  looking for the Fountain of Youth.  It's just that the connection between consumption of food (type & amount), metabolism and aging keeps coming our way.  Hard to ignore the repetition. 

I popped my head into Rauchelle's place of employment the other day to let her know her ride had arrived (ME!), and her boss said, "How do you keep so young?"  Again.  She's asked that before.  As have many people.  When our friend Thomas arrived in Canada from his Austrian home, we hadn't seen him since last autumn and he said that both Everette and I looked years younger.

Question for You:  Do you think that 'aging' is genetic, or that we can slow down the aging look by how & what we eat, etc?

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