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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not to Pay Back

Listening to Dr. Charles Partito on Paul Nison's site talking about colon cleanses and herbs (mulit-part video).  Fascinating stuff, some of which I've never heard of, or at least not from his perspective.  Something new to consider, ponder, question, evaluate.  Anyways.....

Dr Partito believes that no matter how healthy of a diet we eat, we need to supplement.  For several reasons.  Depletion of nutrients in our foods, poor assimilation, etc.  But one comment he made that really struck me was basically that he said our foods were meant to keep us in health, not to pay back for nutritional deficit we've created earlier in our lives.

Everette & I were just talking about this very issue the other day while driving.  How timely this video was.  Thanks, Paul, again.

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