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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Way This Big Family 'Home Schools'

Many people ask us how we 'home school', so I thought I might just throw together something to say about it.

First off, I'm kind of put-off by that label.....home school. First off, it implies that we do what they do at school, but instead of going some where's for the day, we do the same sort of thing here at home. (We don't.)

Secondly, it's with an assumption that 'schooling' of any kind is a normal occurrence, and that to not school is abnormal.

Thirdly, in the 'home school movement', our family would be considered more of the 'unschooling' group. Very un-bookish (re: textbooks). So, we aren't a typical 'home school' family.  (Not sure we are 'typical' in any sense of the word!)

Fourthly, the assumption is that children go to school, or do school, as a means of gaining an education.  As if nothing can be learned outside of the acceptable 'going' and 'doing'.  As if learning is something to acquire at a designated place, in an ascribed manner. Like filling a bucket up with something that is measurable (the whole reason for testing).  And one thing is considered more worthy to be acquired, and that worthiness is decided upon by.......Whom??

My philosophy, shall we say, is very simple.

We learn by being.

 By being inquisitive; curious. 
Being present in the moment. 
By questioning.  
By knowing there is never a stupid question.
We learn by experiences that delight our senses. 
Exploration, whether that is via books, or ones imagination,
or physically exploring a subject or place. 
We ingest information when we have an appetite for it,
not when it is forced.

My motto basically is "We Learn By Living".

This really is The Simple Life.  The life lived around relationship, more than accomplishment.  Motivated by relationship with one another, and with God, rather than a list of what one must know or do to be considered successful.

I know that I still have much to learn.  And what do I consider worth learning about?


Read 1 Corinthians 13.  Known as The Love Chapter.  I can do all the wonders of this world, both physically and spiritually, but if I have not love...........I am nothing.  Really, 
Love is All We Need! 



(My philosophy is pretty much the same when it comes to my relationship with my Loving Heavenly Father. It is not about the doing, the going, the measuring. It's the being. I am His and He is mine. It's that simple. I just am.)

Question for You:  Do you have a motto you live by?

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  1. My motto since my late teens was seen in a local newspaper written by anonymous--it read, "ask always, is there a better way." And this I have lived my life by. For 20 yrs., I have kept the yellowish clip of newspaper and have truly lived by it. Now I have a new one on my fridge and it goes something like this, "I am no longer concerned about how much pleasure I can seek for myself, but rather, how much I can accomplish for the Lord before I die." This has been my new motto for the past few years. Asking daily, WHAT can I accomplish for the Lord!! Great question Karen!!!