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Monday, October 5, 2009

Will Real Health Reform Ever Happen in America

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, writes the way I wish I could. I get a kick out of his writing, but a tonne of knowledge. He just makes so much sense to me, I really like Natural News.

Here's today's article . Yes, I know this is all about healthcare reform in the US, and I'm Canadian, but whether for good or bad we don't seem to be very far behind when we follow our 'cousins'. So what happens south of our border does interest me, because it often influences what will eventually take place here in our land.

I see Mike's point as the need to get rid of the money & politics that drive the medical system, and get down to what truly works. After all, that's what we ought to be after. It's HEALTH CARE, not supposed to be business first. But like the end of the video on Reducing Infant Mortality a lady at the end is talking about litigation and how unfortunately that concern comes before CARE, which is ironic in a service/care industry.

Question for You: What's your take on all this health care reform? Or what's your opinion about Health Care here in Canada?

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