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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pathetic Bowlers

Joanne took the 4 youngest girls and I bowling today. Such a pathetic sight.

I took one lane with Tov (7yo) and Gaelyn (5yo) which the fella put bumpers in the gutters to give us a fighting chance of getting ball to connect with pins. Aunty Joanne took the lane beside us with Danaka (12yo) and Maret (9yo), with no bumpers in the gutter.

Well, I'm not sure I would have gotten more than 20 points in a whole game if it weren't for the bumpers which mercifully kept my ball on the lane more than 50% of the time. And then if it weren't for the spinning pins knocking over the other pins, or the ball somehow jumping out of the gutter (last 10 feet or so of the gutter was open) at the very end and crashing into some pins....well, that tallied up a few points for me. Jeesh, it was not impressive at all. My dc don't have a whole lot to learn about bowling from their mama! Nor from their dad, because he bowls even less often than I (I think he's bowled once in our almost 24 years of marriage....and this is like my third time in that same time period).

I traded lanes with my sister for the second game so she could hopefully fair better with the bumpers, and we'd have a better picture of how much I suck at bowling. But, there were still the jumping-the-gutter balls, and the spinning pins that dance around and take some others down with them, and then some that just seem to tremor and fall due to some unseen forces.

I'm amazed really at my score.....but I know it really had nothing to do with skill. But we had fun anyways, and were able to laugh at ourselves. It was a fun girls day out. Then Aunty treated us to lunch. It was great for memories anyways.

Question for You: Do you ever take your children bowling?

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