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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The God Journey

I became aware of the podcasts of The God Journey through Emerging Mummy and so I am starting to work my way thru the archives. I'm pleased with what I've listened to so far, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of these 2 men chatting back and forth. Be forwarned, the first 5 mins or so are just chatter, about random stuff. But then, that's alot of how my girlfriend Lisa and I start a conversation....a little of this and a little of that, and then we are onto some deeper topic sharing our heart and whatever else fits.

Today I was listening to Get Off the Dock and it jived with stuff they talked about on the previous show A Family Without Fences. And I can so identify with what they are saying. Not because I've ever been in a pastoral position (officially, never). But because I've been on the receiving end, the place where a pastor has blatantly told me that I was being deceived and walking down the wrong path, because I wasn't understanding scripture the same way that he was. And I really think it irked him big time because I had actually believed or agreed with somebody else who I had actually just met and who wasn't my shepherd like he was.

Anyways, I think Wayne and Brad have so many valid points they make about us not learning how to hear for ourselves the voice of God, our own lover of our soul, and how we don't trust ourselves to hear from Him but are always looking for somebody else to be the mediator or the translater or the go-between.

This is a walk I've been on for years now, especially since I left organized religion/the church about 7 years ago now. I am a slow learner, I suppose. And I have admittedly fallen for the "give me a John" as I easily fall prey to listening/relying on yet another preacher/author/prophet instead of pressing in to my personal relationship with God Himself, listening to Ruach breathe life and truth into my spirit.

He is my Good Shepherd, and I am His lamb(I don't belong to any other shepherd), and I am always learning more and more how to hear His voice. But I can and do hear it. For myself.

He is ALL I need.

Question for You: In what ways do you 'hear' God speaking to you?

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