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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Variety of online Videos

Everette somehow came across some incredible videos yesterday. We are talking INCREDIBLE TALENT and unusual. Some of them moved me to tears. This one is of aerieal bombings over Kiev during WW II. Lots of tears in the audience.

Thanks to Coralyn for letting me know about this video about Mandatory Flu Shots for Health Workers. Coralyn has tonnes of information on her site about Holistic Health,Natural Remedies,Global Consciousness. Be sure to check Coralyn out.

Also on the health topic, I really enjoy much of what Paul Nison has to say, and lots of information is passed on through all his videos. Today's interview was with some Jewish dance teachers who are now eating a raw diet and loving it. You can see their love for Yeshua and for life itself. Enjoy!

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