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Sunday, October 25, 2009

About Faith: a word from the Lord

From 'Journal of the Unknown Prophet'


O beloved, for I have seen as you have suffered, day after day, month after month.

I have seen as you have cried out to Me for healing and yet looking at your body, you have seen no change, you have known no ease. I have seen as in the darkest hours you have cried to Me: "Lord, I fear, for it depends on my faith, and I have no faith!"

And so your heart has been afraid and your hands have hung limp with dread. And beloved child, this day I would comfort you. This day I would declare to you: as you put your hand in Mine, as you put your faith in My person, that beloved child, is faith indeed.

So, beloved, in this time of anxiety, do not listen to the lies and the snares of the evil one who would whisper to you: "You have no faith, there is no hope for you." For I tell you, beloved, I did not call you to have faith in your faith. I did not call you to have faith in healing. I did not call you to have faith and rely and lean on your own strength. But I said to you, I declared to you, that even in your very weakness, I shall show Myself strong on your behalf. And even today, beloved, I declare to you that even in your weakest moment, as you reach out your hand to Me -- as yet even in the face of the great darkness that surrounds you, you lift up your voice and your heart to Me -- so I declare to you, beloved, that this is faith indeed.

For I search not for a people who have faith in a formula. I search not for a people who have faith in their own faith. I search not for a people who have faith in a promise book. But I tell you, My child, My Father and I seek out a people who have faith in My person, who have faith that I Am.

So surely this day, My child, I tell you you DO have faith. As My Father and I watch you, WE see a child who is filled with faith, filled with faith, for, beloved, you are filled with faith in Me. And so, beloved, do not fret.

And so I declare unto you, do not fear. For My Father and I We run to your aid; We run to your assistance. For did I not say that you only need faith as small as a mustard seed to move mountains. And so this day I tell you that you have faith to be healed, beloved. For you have faith in Me.

For surely this day I declare to you, you have faith to be healed, for you have faith in My Father. And so My healing virtue starts to flow. And so My healing power starts to rise toward you. And so My great compassions start to move toward you. And so My mercies start to overshadow you. For you see, beloved, you do not need faith in miraccles; you need faith in the One who works the miracles. You see, beloved, you do not need faith in healing; you need faith in the One who heals. You need faith in the One who spoke the Word -- in the One who IS the Word made flesh.

And now I declare: See your healer comes toward you, not dependent on your faith in My works, but dependent on your faith in Me. Every satanic curse shall be broken; the spirit of infirmity that has bound you shall be destroyed. The fetters of disease and sickness shall be broken. And now I release HEALING, HEALING, HEALING. Be loosed from your infirmity. Be loosed from your sickness. Be loosed from your disease. Be loosed from pain. Be healed. Be healed. It is yours.

Luke 8:49-55

This has really struck a chord with me this past week. About having faith in Him.

It was either yesterday morning or the previous day, it hit me that although I can be thankful of how God has made a woman's body to conceive, to grow a baby, and deliver that baby all by absolutely miraculous processes, I must be careful that I don't put my faith in my body to work as it was designed to do, but to be sure that my faith is placed in the Creator (not the creation).

I must not trust in my body to do the 'pregnant' thing well, but keep my faith in God that my pregnancy will go well.

Question for You: Is there something/someone you are putting your faith in rather than in God Himself?

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