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Friday, October 2, 2009


Sukkot has started, and my children have built another fort/booth farther away from the house, using spruce and moss for the roof (because that's all that's available here on the property), and they are bedding down on cat-tail rushes, cat-tail fluff and moss with a plastic liner underneath it all. Hope they stay warm there tonight. Danaka is sure that they will.

I'm not so adventuresome so I'll cuddle up with Laars and Everette in our bed and sleep with the window open to enjoy the fresh air. Actually, we've been doing that every night now...the open window. We sleep better that way usually, and after listening to Paul Nison's videos about the health benefits of sleeping outside we got back to having the window open.

So, have yourself an awesome weekend, because I know we will. There is so much to be thankful for, and as we celebrate Sukkot we can easily identify the abundance the Lord has blessed us with. We Thank You, Lord.

Question for You: Does your family celebrate the Feasts of the Lord?

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