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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Negative Thinking

Here is an audio of Sara Taylor sharing about our thought life. She shares about her own struggles in her thought life, and how we need to change the songs that play around in our minds.

There is so much truth in what Sara has to say. We are called to having a new way of thinking. We are to reconsider and redefine everything about how we think and see this world. We are not called to positive thinking, but Biblical thinking. We are to focus on things that are pure, holy, true, etc. We need to accept the truths of scripture, irregardless to whether we understand them at first.

Let's put a new and a good Biblical song into our thoughts. And let's sing a new song from our own heart to the Lord. One that is from our own spirit and soul, rather than always borrowing songs from others. Sing to Him a New Song. Your Song.

Question for You: Are you taking your thoughts captive? Lining them up to Scripture?

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