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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reducing Infant Mortality

I found this video refreshing, because these are mostly people who work/ed in hospital environments, and they see the stats that support less intervention in pregnancy, more education for mothers, and the great need for midwives to help the medical system be relieved of some of the work load so they can deal with those that are in need of surgery and more specialized care due to disease and such.

The comment is made that only in America is a surgeon there at non-complicated births, when somebody not trained in surgery could have done the same work. Canada, too. Sad. No wonder our systems are overloaded and failing.

Again, pregnancy, labour and delivery are not inherintly dangerous. They are miraculous moments where families are born or enlarged, and generally don't require medical intervention.

Yes, it can be great to have medical technology and trained hands to help when/if a problem arises. But to assume that problems will arise is foolishness.

Near the end of this video a lady talks about the public thinking that midwifery is only for use in the home environment, when it is also available for in-hospital. And yet here in Nova Scotia, as I shared in a previous post (Midwifery in Nova Scotia : I'm Irked!) the midwives can't do homebirths but ONLY hospital births. It's unfortunate. At least in British Columbia you can use a midwife for either a homebirth or a hospital birth. You get to pick the place.

Question for You: What's your views on midwifery?

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