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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dance With Me

I have received this song and/or video 3 times now in 2 weeks, from 3 sources that are unrelated. I'll take it that the Lord specifically wants me to dance with Him, but I put it out there for others to be encouraged to Dance with the Lord for yourself too. To be intimate with Him, to hear His heartbeat, to smell His freshness.

I keep thinking of the Mary who took her alabaster jar and poured her precious and expensive perfume (likely her dowry...all that she owned) over Jesus' feet. She wept over Him, kissed His feet, wiped her hair over His feet. That was intimacy and worship. From the depths of her heart she gave Him everything she had.

After pouring her all out on Jesus, she left that house smelling just like Jesus.

I want to smell like Jesus. I want to smell like my Lover. I'll take this dance with Him.

Question for You: What is your favorite style of dance?

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