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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Resident Artist Rauchelle

Although these pics are a few months old now....I refound them today and thought I'd show off Rauchelle's artist flare. This is the bedroom for which Toveli, Gaelyn and Anders share, most of the time, but now adays Anders sleeps up in Rauchelle's bedroom, mostly because Rauchelle is his hero!!

Aunty Joanne had given the children free-reign to decorate their bedrooms however they wanted to. Joanne used to be a house & commercial painter, so she knows how easy it really is to repaint and get a new look, so painting murals on the walls wasn't a big deal with her....and she knew it would endear the nieces and nephews to Aunty!!

So, they decided to do an underwater scene, but the problem came in when Anders wasn't thrilled with the ideas of his bigger sisters and Aunty. And the idea of sharks and whales didn't win him over....although I think Chelle did an awesome job on the shark!!

Although he wasn't thrilled with the water-theme, Anders is always thrilled with Rauchelle. They have a special bond between the two of them that is priceless, in spite of the huge age gap. And he loves the attention she pours on him.

Anders really didn't get excited about the mural...until we came up with the idea of a Jimmy Johnson car....under water. The story goes that there was stolen treasure in the back of the JJ race car, and after being chased by the authorities it flew off of a wharf and crashed into the ocean, sinking to the bottom of the ocean where the trunk popped open after hitting the rocks, and the treasure box was ejected out of the trunk.

PS That might explain why Jimmy Johnson has a new car now!!

Question for You: I enjoy scrapbooking. What form of art do you enjoy?

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