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Friday, October 16, 2009

satan's Dirty Little Secret

Everette and I often watch "It's Supernatural!" with Sid Roth on Sunday mornings on TV, and sometimes rewatch archived videos online at

There's several points covered in this interview, the beginning of which is pastor Steve Foss' testimony of his own conversion to following Christ.

The main reason I wanted to share this video with my friends and family, is because Steve talks about 2 demons from which (he says he was shown in a vision)all the evil spirits who afflict us get their energy from. They are the demons of Insecurity and Inferiority. He explains how issues like rage are actually empowered through the 2 root demons, and basically all of our issues come back to those 2 problems. He describes how these relate to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and how Eve was tempted and succumbed to the lies of the serpent....undermining who she was and the relationship she already had with God.

I really really encourage you to listen and consider what Steve has to say.

I've pondered these two things, Insecurity and Inferiority, recently when I've wondered what made myself or somebody else behave in a particular way. Like, why is somebody a 'cutter'? Why do I react to my husband that way? Why do I take offense? And I can see many many correlations between an action/reaction and those two areas of Insecurity and Inferiority.

If I truly know who I am in Christ Jesus, and how my relationship is with the Father, then I wouldn't have issues or battles where I presently do. Like water rolling off the back of a duck, peoples opinions or responses or actions wouldn't have any influence on me, good or bad. All that would matter is the strength of my relationship with God, and in that I would be properly positioned and totally secure.

Search the Scriptures and know who you are in Christ Jesus. Know your identity in Him. There is great power in that.

Question for You: Do you see issues of insecurity and inferiority in your own life? I certainly do in mine.

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