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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Home

The best thing about Everette going when he comes home. Ahhhh, yesterday was such a fine day, because my hubby came home after 5 nights away in BC. It was a trip he needed to do, to renew our van insurance, get his driver's license renewed and get a physical to keep his truckers license. So, he planned to be there over the weekend to spend as much time as he could with our eldest daughter, Layne who is living with my Mom.

So Everette and Layne had a wonderful time together, spending all of Layne's non-working moments together, having morning coffee at Starbucks (NO Starbucks on Cape Breton at all! The nearest is 4 hrs + from us in Halifax), walking the streets arm in arm, and doing lots of cuddling. Everette seemed to have had a great long weekend, and I'm sure that Layne soaked it all up. They spent Saturday taking the skytrain down to Waterfront and taking the seabus to Lonsdale Quay. She got to see the Celtic store over there (wonderful celtic jewelry), and she bought herself a lovely scarf to go with her new-to-her beige suede jacket (funny, but Rauchelle bought herself a new-to-her beige suede jacket the same week out here in NS. They must be on the same wave-length). I'm sure they enjoyed many wonderful snacks and meals together, and then they made a stop at a Future Shop where there just 'happened' to be a rep for Mac, and Layne bought herself her first Apple (her laptop hard drive was supposedly making some terrible racket). She's over-the-top with that, and her dad was available to help get it up and running. Everette was also able to take in a service with Layne at the church she's been attending for a few months in Cloverdale and meet a few of the other people that attend there. It's always nice to be able to put a face and environment to what you hear stories about.

I'm so excited that Layne will likely be able to come visit the family for a week sometime next month. The family misses her so much, and I know she's a tad afraid that 2yo Laars isn't going to remember her big sister. Ahhh, they all love her immensely, and Laars likes seeing Layne on Skype, so I'm sure it won't take long for him to warm up to her. It'll be grand to have everybody together under one roof. There'll be lots of loving going on.

Everette took a great pic on his cell phone of Layne with Science World in the background, but I'm not able to get it onto my blog. Bummer.

Well, I'm just thrilled that I got my hubby back home (as are the children), and my 'baby' will be coming home soon too. Thank You, Lord.

Question for You: Do you do something special when your partner returns home from some time away?


  1. How lovely! Fun to hear that your daughter is right in our neck of the woods. If she ever needs anything, let me know. We are close by.

    And living without Starbucks! Well...

  2. She needs a car ;)

    Yeah, I knew you were in the Valley somewhere's. That's where all my growing up was, and some of our married life's been there. From NewWest and Bby to White Rock and out to Abby and Mission. Kinda miss it, but not the rain. Get so much blue sky out here.