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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hanging with the Fam

Rauchelle had a couple days off from work so she was able to spend 3 days and nights with us here at my mom's condo.  And it just so happened that Layne also had 3 days off, overlapping Chelle's, so she was able to come back out here from UBC to spend her time off with the family.  We always LOVE it when we can have all the family together in one place.

We didn't keep overly busy at all.  Actually, very low keyed.  Played some games, watched some movies, had tea together, played with each other's hair, got/gave foot massages, had some Spanish lessons, went for walks, picked berries, all those lovely interacting things to do with those you care about.  And we ate, and cried, and shared our thoughts and love. 

It's been great.

So here's just a few pics (I forgot the camera!!) from the past few days.

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