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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alot of Sunshine

We hit Crescent Beach early today to find great parking and a good log to camp up against.  We spent the whole morning enjoying the view of the mountains, islands and ocean, over 15 Great Blue Heron all at one time, the occasional Bald Eagle, turning over the rocks to catch crabs, collecting and organizing rocks and shells, wading in the cool water, and asking "When is lunch?"

Maret did all these sepia pictures.  A variety of us did the colour shots.
He IS NOT cross-eyed.  He's trying to focus on the little white rock he placed on the back of his hand and then flipped up and tried to catch.

This is Laars' 'just a little bit'.

I have no idea what Mitchell was trying to do, but I've seen one of his big sisters sleep with an open Bible on her head!

We packed up at lunch time, went to Crescent Park and spent the rest of the afternoon under the sunshine and shade over there where we ate both lunch and supper and did some exploring. 
The children discovered 'huge tadpoles' over at the pond. 
Lots of turtles and variety of ducks.
And Maret's attempt at Climbing the Wall.

Back to the condo for a dip in the pool, an evening of trying to cool down (Mom's condo is always too warm for me, even in the winter) and get to sleep.

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  1. Maret has become quite the photographer! She really has an eye for it.