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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spider Lake

Today was a very warm day here (finally) and the children got to play in the sprinklers with their friends.

Cooling off was a great treat after the guys have been building the Playhouse in the heat.

Then we spent the evening up at Spider Lake, a wonderful place we've spent many, many hot afternoons and evenings in the past, playing and canoeing and visiting with the friends that joined us.  The children have many fond memories of being here, and will never forget the evening we were there (a couple years back) when the beach was covered with little frogs, and water filled with tadpoles.  It wasn't a swimming day but a catching day.

Anyways, we spent this evening at the beach with Ortweins and although the lake hasn't had a full week to warm up, the children adventured in and had a hoot!

Laars never made it in the lake other than his tootsie's while holding on to mama.  But he certainly got entertained with other things.  He found and stick he liked, and when it broke he said he was 'make a fire'. 

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