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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July 1st

Happy Birthday to fellow Canadians.

This is the day we typically dress in red, go to the Parksville parade and later on have a BBQ then watch the fireworks after dark. But today got rained out. The children were disappointed, but mama was glad not to have to argue about the candies that get thrown out to the parade spectators. To Anders, Parade= Candy. Argh!!

I hope to remember to light the sparklers tonight with the children as they think that's a thrill. Maybe some popcorn, a good movie and some snuggles, and it will be a successful Canada Birthday Party for the Johnson's.

The owners of the house where we've been staying left earlier today for a vacation while we were available to care for their horses, cow, sheep, dogs, cats and greenhouse and gardens. Little hobby farm happening here. And its always a challenge for 'farmers' to get away for vacation time.

So we've spent some time today cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing our stuff to be a bit more comfy while its just us here. Besides, we are packing up again and heading to the mainland once the Gray's return, so we are On The Road Again in less than 2 weeks, & its time to 'clean house'.

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