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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Wheels

Gaelyn asked Everette to pump up the wheels on a little pink bike she found laying around.  He pumped them up, and then off she went peddling away.  Suddenly he hears "I'm riding with only 2 wheels!  I'm riding with only 2 wheels!!!"  Everette asks, "Have you never ridden a bike with only 2 wheels before?"  Nope, this is her first try and totally successful!!!

YEAH GAELYN!!!  What a whiz.

Well, confidence built quickly so she pulled out a jump

and successfully went over it.  Well, not every time.  Sometimes she'd ride right past it with a surprised "I missed it again!"  When I quizzed her about that, I discovered that because she wasn't sturdy on the bike and the handlebars wobbled so much, she would head in the general direction of the jump and sometimes get it!!  and sometimes not!!!

Not perturbed, later in the day she tried a bigger red bike that she was initially scared of. When in the process of falling off of it her calf had a nasty run-in with the chain, she is back to being scared of the big red bike. 

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