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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunlight is Good for your Health

So many people are afraid of the sun.

Everette and I took our youngest 3 to the big playground in town last week, and at only 10 in the morning I saw a mother who was all bundled up in long sleeves, jacket to her neck, full length pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses on.  Her toddler was similarly dressed, although he really didn't want to keep his hat on.  She was far more successful getting him to keep his sunglasses on.  And the older son who was likely 7-ish dutifully kept his sunglasses and hat on, and kept near arms-length from his mama.

Honestly, I thought this was sad.  Sad that this good-intentioned-loving-mama was living in fear from the beautiful warm sun that blesses our days.  Fear of cancer, premature aging, whatever.  Fear to be exposed.  And she was passing fear on to her impressionable children.

How entrenched are the ideas/lies we've been fed from 'Corporate America'?  Can we not think for ourselves?

Here's a video from The Health Ranger to help us better understand the health we can get from eating properly and getting appropriate sun, and what dangers may lie ahead if we avoid sun exposure, and why suntan lotion might be the culprit behind much of the skin cancer that's occurring.

I found Mike's video enlightening and refreshing.  Because I'm tired of people being so afraid of the sun, and even tanning salons.  Dr Mercola says to stay away from tanning beds that make a noise when running (other than the actual timer ticking), but that tanning beds and standup tanning lamps are a boon to your health, particularly during winter months and those living farther away from the equator.

Consider whose been funding the nonsense of the media we've been gobbling up for decades.  Who is bound to lose money if we have a greater understanding of our bodies and a healthy relationship with the (free) sunshine God has blessed us with?

Inform yourself.  Think for yourself.  Love on yourself.

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