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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before & After Photos

About Dec 6th, 2009 I started eating according to The Daylight Diet (by Paul Nison).  It mostly entailed eating only during daylight hours, which in the depth of winter required me to adjust gradually to not eating after 3pm.  I started by not eating anything at all after 6pm.  I found that easy, so I moved it to 5 pm.  And rapidly I wasn't eating (most days) after 2 or 3pm.  I was truly amazed that I could do that, and feel good about it.  I honestly had to start embracing the rumblings in my belly, and recognize that they were signs of a healthy digestive system and aiding in elimination.  It was a good thing, not something to throw food at to stop it.

The weight started to come off right away, and Everette and I boosted it with a 5-day Juice Feast .  Since that time, we have predominantly eaten healthy other than when we traveled and when we stay with people.  Actually, the traveling part went fairly well for us as we stayed mostly High-Raw.  But staying with people makes it more difficult, that's for sure.  And 'living' with people who eat the comfort-foods that easily entrap us....that's hard.

Anyways, here are pictures of me at my starting weight of 184 lbs, the beginning of Dec 2009.

My weight now is 147 lbs.  Actually I've been at this weight roughly 2 months (give or take a pound or two) while we traveled the country and been staying with people.  I am confident that as I continue to eat healthy and incorporate other health practices, the weight will melt off and I will level out at a healthy weight for my body.  I don't actually have a target weight.  I believe my body will know what is ideal if I give it healthy fuel and help it eliminate the harmful stuff.

So, here's pictures taken just yesterday morning.

To see in closer proximity so as to compare......
I was slacking off for awhile from doing my Hoe-Downs, but this week I've gotten back to doing them and I feel better for that.  I feel that they have been helpful in getting my tummy in better shape while losing the weight.  I still have more work to do, but its been a fun and easy way for me to incorporate abdominal and buttocks exercise into my day (most days).  I love the T-Tapp philosophy and highly recommend the exercises (free on YouTube or purchase thru their site.  I'm happy with my purchases.)


  1. Wonderful News! Keep up the great work! I have an affiliate program on my site

  2. thats fantastic! I have lost 5kgs since having longer breaks between meals and eating my last meal earlier

    Jen :)