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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Mom was returning to her condo today so we did some clean-up and uncluttering to make her transition back-home-now-with-9-extra-people-in-her-space hopefully less traumatic!  She said she had a great month away, and sounds like they had a great time at a family get-together in Drumheller this past week.

White Rock has their Farmer's Market on Sundays basically just outside my mom's condo building, so Everette and I frequent there when it opens at 9am.  The breads look incredibly tempting, and I sampled a chocolate cake that is made without butter or oil but uses beets (yes, the veggie beets!!) and my!! was it ever moist and yummy, very chocolatey but not real sweet.  Mmmmm!   (Natasha, you should learn to make one!!)  There's lots of people selling stone fruits and Chilliwack corn but very little of it is organic.  We purchase our organic produce from an Abbotsford vendor and get huge lettuces for $1.50!!  I'm impressed.

And today we found The Cranberry Lady and sampled 2 of her cranberry dressings on slices of apple.....and bought both of them.  Had the cranberry-orange on todays salad and it was yum, too!

Of course, I took the children swimming as is the daily practice while here at Gramma's.  Anders has been swimming now without a life-jacket for a week.  He's a busy boy doing somersaults under water, and spinning 'like a space ship', and trying to swim without holding his nose, and talking under water and asking, "Mommy, did you hear me?"

Laars is completely confident now with his life-jacket where 3 weeks ago he didn't even want to venture in the water, and if he did he certainly didn't want to let go of his Protector.  Now he lays on his back being a Starfish, and tries his awkward attempt (in bulky life-jacket) at a front stroke, and wants to collect 'n spit out that chlorinated water at his siblings.  Great fun!!

Laars is always wanting to 'Be a Baby' after a bath or a swim so this Mama wraps him up in a towel and snuggles for awhile.

I hope he doesn't grow out of this too soon!!

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  1. Aww Laars is so adorable! Miss you guys.
    I do agree that Natasha should learn to make a chocolate beet cake. I'm sure she would make it better than anyone else!