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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sabbaticals from Technology

I'm not there, I totally admit. I'm not ready to disengage from the internet every weekend, although we've had periods of time when our family takes a whole 24 hours off. I know I(we) can do it, but mentally I'm not sure I want to right now. Although, the way my head literally feels at this moment--like it will explode due to overload of information --I probably could benefit greatly from a sabbatical.


Let me think on this a bit more.

This just might be another step towards the simple life, the de-cluttering, the finding time for the things I say I really want to do.

As I blog, I'm thinking "Karen, its a No-Brainer."


PS.... I took this past Saturday off. And it felt good. I sat less and moved more, and felt like I accomplished more. I didn't focus on "Where are we going to live" while searching kijiji and craigslist. And my head didn't hurt.

I think I'll join the Techno-Sabbatical for Saturdays.

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