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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here & There

We had a good week with my mom in White Rock where we shared, and argued (just a little!), took the children swimming at least once a day, brainstormed ideas, and ate lots of blueberries.  I thought it went amazingly well for 10 of us in her 1-bedroom condo with a den.  And she graciously child-sat so we could attend a demonstration/meeting Tuesday night, and again Wednesday so we could meet up with a lady to do some business. 

Like usual, we drove away with teary eyes and a bit of a choking feeling in the throat.  There's unspoken words of "I wish you weren't leaving" or "I wish we didn't have to say Goodbye" and yet its part of being separate and clinging to your spouse.  Instead, we say "I know it will all turn out Good" and "God will take care of you."  And we believe that.

We sat waiting for the Nanaimo ferry from Horseshoe Bay after missing the 3:10pm.  Unfortunately, there isn't much for options of activities to do while waiting.  And over the years the novelty of riding the ferry has worn out on this mama.  I keep checking my watch or cell phone, hoping that we are transported thru time and space & we suddenly find ourselves at our final destination in the next five minutes.

Destination last night was at our dear friends, the O's.  Our families have been friends since we had only 2 children, and they had 1.  And now between us we've had 12 more children (not including both of our losses).  Our children really don't remember life without each other's family.
We ARE family.

We didn't plan it.  It wasn't something we aspired to create. 

It just was.

It is. 

We are.

So, we expected to spend the night, leave most of our children here with them (and with Rauchelle, who lives here with O's now) and head to Victoria today to try and find a rental place for our family. 

We had left the Island last month in anticipation of driving to Mexico and living cheaply down there, and eventually travel through Central and South America in the years to come.  But that grandiose idea is put on the back burner for the present time.

Today we spent brainstorming more, with O's giving a little input.  And it's been helpful.

Maybe tomorrow we'll head to Victoria and look around for a place. 

The right 'house' is waiting for us.  It will materialize.  God will connect us with what we need, and where we should be. 

The timing will be right, and we'll step into the goodness that is in-store for us.

I can Rest in Him because I know that He cares for me!

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