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Friday, August 13, 2010

Update on Us

I see that this week has passed by without much noise from me ;) 

Where has the week gone?  I'm amazed at the speed time has traveled this week.

Everette and I (and Laars) spent Sunday and Monday in Victoria-area, looking for a rental for our family to move into.  A bit discouraging as (understandably) many people have pre-conceived ideas of what will work for a family of 9.  They do not understand how our family functions, what we now live without (typical stuff that takes up space), and that we don't require space to set up a bunch of beds.

So, many phone-calls ended with "It wouldn't be the right place for you." 

More likely meaning "we don't want all those destructive brats in our rental space!"


Tuesday we were home with the O's and our children & 2 more girls,  as O-parents went to Victoria for a dinner-seminar.  Unfortunately, I had an intensifying headache that turned into a migraine and vomiting.  Instead of interacting with the children I spent much of the afternoon & evening trying to cope.  But I survived!!

Wednesday was a puttering day, unpacking/repacking/unpacking/reorganizing boxes in the van, looking for things to help prep raw meals in the O's kitchen.

Yesterday (Thursday) Everette and I drove down to Langford to look at some more rentals, one of which we are hopeful of getting after a tentative meeting with the actual owner on Sunday (coming up).  Nothing ideal, but decent and most affordable. In a good location for parks and parkland and trails.

So many other rentals  that were desirable (the yard, space, location, ect.) are over $2000 a month, not including utilities.  Not a situation we want to get into when Everette is just starting up a new business.

I know we'll find the right fit, whether its this tentative one in Langford or another.  Something will come about.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Vancouver for the day with Lisa to attend a launch for an amazing line of products.  If you want to check out a fascinating website go to (presented by Me!)  We are personally blown-away by the products we have experienced over the last week+.

No kidding.

When we went to a demonstration, Everette volunteered for a flexibility test, and both of us did a balance test.  We tested a change in lemons, and in red wine.  And then Everette had his back 'wanded' which had been sore for more than a week, and in 10  mins his backache was completely gone, and has been gone for a week & a half now.

We performed the balance, flexibility and strength tests here with our children and the O's, and some eyes sure popped out with surprise at the results.  And it was alot of fun, to boot.

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