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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Morning Routine

Ok, 'routine' might not be completely accurate as with still having littles at my feet can make it difficult to get everything I hope to do for myself accomplished in an orderly manner consistently first thing in the morning.  But 'routine' is the best word I can think to use that is, well, understandable.

(Sorry, Beatrix, that its taken so long to get around to posting my 'routine', but better late than never, huh?)

~I get out of bed anywhere from 5:30-7am.  I think it should be more consistent, but because we still have Littles my sleep is often disturbed so I allow myself the freedom to stay in bed longer some mornings when the Littles also allow it.  My sleep & quality is really random at this stage in life, and I have to Go With The Flow.  Some mornings, like today, I can successfully sneak out of  bed about 4:30am and go unnoticed by Laars, but many mornings I lay awake in bed meditating/praying so not to disturb sleeping boys. 

~ Potty Break!  Some mornings I do an enema to help my body eliminate from the nights cleansing.  This isn't on any kind of 'schedule'.  I do it as I feel (intuitively) that my body wants/needs it, and as time permits

~Body Scrub (the T-Tapp way) to help with elimination, and improve circulation to skin

~Brush hair with firm brush (or  you could use a wooden comb) to get tangles out, then scrub scalp & clean hair with a Boar Bristle Brush to improve circulation and distribute natural oils for healthy hair.  This needs to be done in small sections, methodically working over my skull.  I have found I can't use the Boar Bristle Brush alone as it would take infinity to work out the knots in my thick hair.  That's why I start with a stiff brush.

~Scrub Face (with a softer brush than a body brush) vigorously to improve circulation, gently exfoliate.  At same time I do some face squints and stretches for toning.

~Spray body, face and hair with homemade blend of essential oils in water.  I just put water in a small spray bottle and add EO's as I like, but usually some blend including  (or even solely) cinnamon as I like a spicy smell versus  flowery.  I often use lavender, or geranium, but never leave out my cinnamon.  Endless possibilities.

~Apply jojoba oil to my face and neck for moisture and sun-protection (SPF 4)

~Do Hoe-Downs

~Drink at least 1 glass (if not 2 glasses) of filtered water

~Putter in the kitchen and help littles with their own morning 'routines'

~Drink a glass of fresh juice (if Chelle or Everette make it), or make myself a glass of water with 1 oz aloe vera gel, juice of one lemon, a tsp or so of unpasteurized honey, maybe a pinch of cayenne pepper

~If I'm feeling ravenous (which isn't often, especially when I've drank enough fluids), I will eat an apple (or Laars' leftover apple cores with lots of flesh still on them) OR our version of Muesli.....  I soak about 1/2 cup of organic rolled oats with hot water, add a couple chopped dates, some goji berries and a few shakes of unsweetened coconut.

~Then its usually time for cuddles with little ones and maybe do some reading with them, or sit & have a discussion with Everette or read aloud with him.  This is our Connection Time, if the littles allow it ;)  or we fit it in some other time of the day.

I'll try and post an Evening Routine later.

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