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Monday, September 14, 2009


I've got to tell you about a fitness program called T-Tapp that Everette and I just started doing 2+ weeks ago, and we are so excited about the quick results. I read testimony after testimony at the T-Tapp site but now we have our own testimony.

You know how you read all these online testimonies or hear them on TV, but you don't know if it's all lies. They could be paid to say what they say.

Well, those of you who know Everette and I will know our situation and we trust that you'll know we aren't lying. This is our true "story".

We started T-Tapping about 2.5 weeks ago but didn't take our initial measurements until August 31/09 when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Of course we are expecting body parts to be 'enlarging' on my pregnant body, and my friends know I can get pretty big in pregnancy. By now I usually look more than 6 months pregnant, and by 6 months I look full-term. I'm confident it'll be different with this pregnancy, and I think that T-Tapp will be an integral part of that.

Ok, so here's some basic numbers for Everette, changes made in just 2 weeks of losing FAT!! We haven't changed anything else, just T-Tapping a few times a week. Honest!!
He's lost 1/2 inch in chest, 7/8 inch in waist, 3/4 inch in the hips. I think that's awesome!!! So, that's 2 1/8 inches overall in 2 weeks!! He's fitting in some of his favorite (Tilley) pants he bought over 7 years ago when we lived in Campbell River. And he's down a couple holes in his belt.

And now for preggo Karen. We'd expect at least my waist and bust to be going up in size, although many of us are putting pregnancy pounds on all around. But here's my numbers after 2 weeks of T-Tapping.

I've actually gone down 5/8 inch in the bust, down 5/8 inch in the hips, only gone up 1/4 inch in waist, down 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch in my thighs, and even down 1/4 inch in my calves. Total inch loss (excluding the growing belly)for me in 2 weeks then is 2 1/2 inches. (Everette hasn't kept track of all the same body parts as I have)

We started with the Basic Workout Plus (presently on sale), listening to the 90 minute seminar to understand the foundation of Teresa's philosophy, which that in itself was amazing and significantly different than any fitness program I've heard of. She doesn't just talk about how to do a move, but why to do it like that. The How & the Whys. I like that.

One of the main things that interested me was when Teresa Tapp (the founder/inventor of the program)was saying that with this program, the more fit you become the less time you actually have to invest at doing the exercises. Have you ever heard anything like that? That's always been one thing I never could understand when hearing about working out at the gym and getting fit--- that it took more and longer workouts to even maintain over the years. So, if somebody is already spending an hour a day 6 times a week at the gym to stay fit, how much will they have to be spending there in 5 years from now just to maintain? They have to work harder and longer to see the same benefits. Who has time like that to spend on fitness??? As far as I'm concerned, I don't even want to spend that amount of time, because I don't enjoy it in the first place.

I can't even start to explain Teresa Tapp's program, but it really isn't about losing weight (we don't have a scale so we don't know those numbers, but that doesn't matter because we're more interested in losing the inches anyways) but about total body alignment, getting all your systems in the proper place and pumping & flowing. Like your nervous system, the lymphatic system, your skeletal system, and your digestive system.

So, we followed the instructional video for 4 days in a row, feeling muscles we forgot even existed (like back of the neck where fat gathers). Then we've basically been doing the Basic Workout Plus 3 times a week. It's less than 15 mins a day. Occasionally we've done the Walk Away the Inches instead, or another day of the week in addition. We aren't doing any other fitness program, and haven't even been fitting in our regular walk to the post office because Rauchelle hasn't been around to babysit. We credit the inch loss solely to T-Tapping. It's amazing.

Teresa really supports dry skin brushing which I've used off and on over the years but after listening to her educational DVD I've starting doing it daily like a good girl ;) and I like the feeling of it. I know I'm doing my body good, and taking care of baby at the same time.

Question for You: Do you have an exercise program you are thrilled with?

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