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Monday, September 28, 2009

Love Me Where You're At

I became aware of Francis Frangipane about 1.5 years ago through Elijah List and I have always enjoyed and been moved by Francis' writings. Same thing today.

Thanks to our webpastor this article was brought to my attention as I don't subscribe to Elijah List anymore. I couldn't keep up with all the reading ;)

I'm a bit teary-eyed today as I have cried while reading a blogpost of somebody I don't know nor follow, and I cried when Rauchelle shared the story of the boy with the wet pants (check out the previous post here), and I cried again reading Francis' writings. They aren't tear-jerkers. I'm just pregnant! That is a good enough explanation.

Question for You: Do you tend to be weepy or cry alot when you are pregnant?

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